A connected experience

Our focus is on delivering customer-first experiences that provide high levels of service through ease of use, transparency and expertise. That is why we have chosen to partner with Insurx.

Insurx is a third-party administrator who aligns to these values, managing insurance claims from start to finish on behalf of insurers and other businesses. Insurx is powered by their multi award-winning proprietary technology, ClaimLogik Plus, which is a cloud-based claims management platform that connects everyone in an insurance claim.

ClaimLogik Plus dramatically improves efficiency and provides an enhanced customer experience by enabling clear line of sight to the activities and status of claims, from first notice of loss all the way through to claim completion.

By providing a customer focussed approach to claims, together we can create a simpler, more connected experience for our brokers and clients that gets them back to normal faster – with less interruption, fewer hand-offs and more simplicity.

To lodge a claim, please contact your insurance broker or if you require urgent assistance, please call 1300 ECLPSE (1300 325 773) or contact us via this website.